Our core values are to empower companies to recruit and “RETAIN” the best diverse talent. We strongly believe in an inclusive environment which can foster ideas within the organization, challenge the status quo and eliminate unconscious bias in the workplace. We want to redefine the way individuals find the right opportunities and the way companies find the right talent. At our core we believe that technology should empower individuals to easily know their demand and get the right opportunities without the need to actively search for it.

We developed a groundbreaking technology that brings together AI and human expertise to deliver the industry’s first virtual, AI-based agent, IKENNA. It works by collecting relevant data from PLUGGED’s ecosystem of diverse talent and companies, and then uses powerful algorithms that adjust based on a individuals preferences to create infinitely more accurate matches.

Our DNA is a blend of artificial intelligence and human expertise. We put together a team of the best recruiters and data scientists from industry-leading companies like Google and Facebook. The team taught the robot how to incorporate a tech professionals preferences and how recruiters think and make decisions. The team also taught the robot how to distinguish human’s behavior and access their on-demand thinking capabilities through their interaction on the app.